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A New Perspective:
Oh, we have so much to talk about!

After a recent open heart surgery, I’ve discovered a number of new perspectives in respect to love and relationships – In particular, how we raise boys in western cultures and the affects that process has on mental and relational health.

…a very heavy thought persistently came to me. Most MEN’S RELATIONSHIP COACHES are not leading us into the healing we need to do as men, nor as a society as a whole – they’re only putting off the inevitable with non-specific talk of “providing and protecting” while digging their heals into patriarchal attitudes and patterns of entitlement masquerading as personal growth, their interpretation of “modern” spirituality, and “healthy” relationship skills.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate a lot of those men and women. We have a long ways to go, however, and I’m not willing to play the same cards they are playing just to fit in. Nor am I willing to play the same cards for the other team (who thinks they are playing with different cards, but they’re really not.) I’m here to get real results for my clients as well as shake the pot a little bit.

Please come back soon. I have some exciting knowledge and perspectives to share. I’m also looking forward, as usual, to learning from you.See you soon!


Site Under Construction

I’m working on creating some fresh content for you! 😉

Constructing Some New Programs

I am using my experiences of 12 years of dedicated professional self-help to create programs that are not only applicable to today’s relationship issues, but that will also anticipate the future of interpersonal and romantic relationships.

Ensuring Content Has a Solid Foundation

Without a foundation rooted in openness and non-judgement, concepts we talk about here will not be applicable except to those who share the same biases. Aware of this, I am looking at previous content to ensure it meets a certain standard.

Transformation At It’s Core

I’m not content to stand on a soapbox or to yell into the wind. Putting pride aside, the content I deliver here will be in the spirit of growth – which sometimes means challenge from which real transformation can happen.