Love Notes

“Authenticity is Everything” Really?

Our Greatness – You are uniquely made. You have gifts in the rarest combination of anyone that has or ever will exist. Find your brilliance! Believe that you are already great, and your wisdom will lead you to that greatness. It does not happen the other way around. Believe you are the statue inside the rock that needs chipped away instead of an ugly rock that needs to be molded into something of worth. You’re already great – find yourself.

I Want to Hear Your Voice

Besides the sound of your voice being so gloriously different than mine, your wisdom can challenge me, open me up to possibilities that my mind cannot fathom, calm me, and at the same time motivate and inspire me. I know my gift is in focusing and getting stuff done, thinking of nothing else but what I'm focusing on. Please partner with me in life so that I see beyond that next bolt I'm putting in.

What’s the Big Deal With Neediness?

Instead of being a man who goes after sex, respect, love and affection, be a man who receives respect, love, affection, and if the time/connection is there - sex - naturally. Here's the thing: The key to him being happy is this…